J.C. Seyster

C.E. Gardner

William P. Fearer

Fred Gardner

Gerald W. Fearer

Philp H. Nye Sr.

William P. Fearer II

Firm History

Throughout the years, attorneys from our firm have represented over 50,000 individuals and businesses and handled an estimated 3000 trials. The firm has earned both national and state recognition for it’s legal accomplishments and community service and has been recognized by the prestigious Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers for “high professional legal standards and ethics.”

In 2003 the firm was awarded a certificate of Special Congressional Recognition in honor of “outstanding and invaluable service to the community”. During its distinguished history the firm has been instrumental in shaping Illinois law. For the past 124 years a member of the Fearer family has practiced law with the firm making it what is believed to be the sixth longest continuous family run law firm in the State of Illinois.

In addition to serving their communities, attorneys from the firm have moved on to serve in many prestigious positions including the Montana Supreme Court, State of Illinois Judiciary, and United States Congress. The attorneys and staff take pride in serving as leaders in both the legal system and in their communities.

The firms attorneys are active in pro bono legal work for the underprivileged and those in need. It is been the ongoing commitment of the attorneys and staff of the firm throughout the decades to use their skills and direct their resources to better the community and the justice system.